Rocky Mountain Extracts is dedicated to consistently producing the highest quality cannabis extracts by focusing on terpene retention while increasing yields. Using our state of the art technology and proprietary extraction processes, our extracts retain remarkable medicinal cannabinoid levels while maintaining a smooth and delicious flavor from natural terpenes. Our dedication is seen in our finished product.


We begin the process in the garden, utilizing genetics sourced for concentrate production.

Live Resin

Live resin is made from seed to product within our facility. The plants are harvested and frozen in 20 minutes or less. Once reaching a temperature of -40 degrees, the plant matter is loaded into columns and cryogenically frozen before processing. Our lab uses research grade butane, the highest grade of butane available, to create the cleanest product avaiable. After the oil is harvested from the extractor, the product is either whipped over a hot plate or poured onto parchment paper and placed in a vacuum oven to purge all of the residual butane. The end result being a whipped 'budder’ texture or a crystallized 'sugar' texture, both rich with terpenes.


We start the distillation process with raw co2 oil. The oil is then winterized, separating the lipids by soaking the oil in ethanol, freezing the mixture, and filtering. The ethanol is then purged from the product using a roto distiller; which leaves crude oil as the by product. This crude oil is then placed into another distillation apparatus which is heated while agitated. Everything except the cannabinoids is los and the extractor collects the THC crystalline. This final product is referred to as distillate. Our team finishes the process by injecting the distillate with natural terpenes from our garden’s cannabis or other fruit.